Trackable social sharing

Trackable social sharing

This theme automatically tracks your social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn inside Google Analytics

Every post has easy social sharing built in at the top of the page! This allows users who love your blog post to share it on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile.

The hard thing about social sharing is that it’s very difficult to measure the results. Some tools show you a count of people who shared your article, but that doesn’t help you understand how many people that sent back to your site.

Thankfully, there’s a technology that allows you to measure which traffic is coming from your social sharing! It’s something called UTM Tracking which tells Google Analytics (and other tools) exactly where your visitor came from.

As well as WP Medium, I’ve also built a software platform for making UTM tracking easy – UTM Link Manager – so I know a thing or two about these tracking links.

So WP Medium actually includes automatic UTM tracking for all your social shares – you don’t have to do anything! The data will show up automatically in the campaigns and acquisition reports in Google Analytics.