Superfast WordPress Theme

Superfast WordPress Theme

WP Medium is one of the fastest Wordpress themes on the market. 99/100 in the Google Lighthouse performance test!

This theme was built from scratch to maximizing speed.

WordPress often has a reputation for being slow, but when you use a well-made theme it can be just as fast any alternative.

We carefully built this theme to load as quickly as possible on any device.

Google’s Lighthouse tool is the most popular method for testing the quality of a website – particularly for low-spec mobile devices. You can see the results from that test at the top of this page! 99/100 is a huge achievement and we’re proud to have pulled it off.

How long a website takes to load can vary a lot but anything under 2 seconds is considered acceptable. In a test on Pingdom Tools, this site loads in just 556ms!

If you and your users care about site speed – you’ll be hard-pressed for find a faster theme than this one!

You can even test this site for yourself if you want – just remember, each test will get you slightly different results (so run it a few times to be sure).


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