SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

When you use WP Medium it's easy to follow SEO best practices - we've done the hard work to help you rank in Google!

We all want our content to show up in Google and send us tons of traffic and there’s lots of work that goes into SEO. There’s two main aspects to search engine optimization – onsite and offsite.

Offsite SEO is all about getting good quality links to your website. These links indicate to Google that your content is good and people recommend it.

Onsite SEO is all about formatting & structuring your website code and content to best convey to Google what your content is about – so they can show it to people who are looking for that kind of information.

Usually, onsite SEO is a lot of work but we’ve built this theme to follow all the SEO best practices – including making sure is a fast WordPress theme.

We’ve even included schema markup (also known as structured data) to convey loads of useful information to the Google Bots. This information includes:

The best part is that you don’t have to do any work to benefit from all of this – just install WP Medium and make sure your categories match the topics you want to optimize for.


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